The Three-City Study


Genetic Studies

Blood samples were collected from 8,860 participants (5% refusals), and DNA specimens from 8,820 subjects were obtained. By the end of October 2009, 44 polymorphisms in 30 genes were investigated (See Publications and Unpublished Genetic Data). Moreover, genetic information from a genome-wide analysis from 6,401 participants was obtained (See Publications, (Nature Genetics 2009)).


Access of ancillary studies for genetic information can be obtained in several ways.


i)                    The 3C central laboratory for genetic studies (See Investigators, Study Sites, Collaborating Centers and Working Groups) may carry out the genetic investigations for the proposed ancillary study.

ii)                   Genetic results (available polymorphisms or data from the genome-wide study) may the transmitted to the principal investigator of the ancillary study.


If elaborate genetic analyses are required for the proposed ancillary study, the initiating investigator may obtain DNA specimens (See Ancillary Study Application Form and Material Transmission Agreement), after approval from the Steering Committee.




Before finalization of the ancillary study protocol, investigators are requested to contact the 3C Coordination Centre (See Investigators, Study Sites, Collaborating Centres and Working Groups) to obtain information on the specific requirements (technical, regulation, financial) for each option and to determine the one most appropriate for the proposed study.